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>> Part 3.1: Life Choices <<

Oops I took a sixth month break from playing and writing this?
I'd like to thank Past!Sam for already having written a quarter of this when I found it.

Index / Boolprop
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Eeesh, I really need to get better at updating.

While I disappeared, this legacy turned two. I've been sitting on this update for over six months, too.
(I never wrote captions for this one when I took the pictures six months ago, so I am winging it!)
+39, and we meet generation 9!! )
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Hi guys! Hope you're all well - it's been awhile since I posted here.

So I've been playing this challenge where I aim to get all of the supernaturals with one guy and his family, and posting it on tumblr is seasonal 'updates'.

I've decided to post over here when an 'update' is complete, just in case anyone checks here who doesn't follow me over there.

You'll find the first season here!
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Welcome to the thirtieth chapter! I know, right. Thirty! How crazy!

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for disappearing for like, five months. I don't really have an excuse other than, you know, life - so work, summer sunshine, going back to uni, working hard at catch the drift. BUT! We're so close to the end of the legacy, that I just can't call it quits.

Last time, Gwen and Elsa took their kids down the Bluffs for a family day. There was hedge woohoo, diving, talk about Marina’s boyfriend, and naps on stone benches. That night, Marina went out for a coffee only to have Elsa check up on her. There were birthdays, and Heath became a teen, and a member of the club. Heath decided to breathe some new life into the club by mixing it up a little. He finished the update by talking to cute party goer Paolo Rocca.

Yeah, I don't even remember all of that happening. So there's an index here, if you like.

OH! And the last chapter ended in the generation 8 heir poll - the winner of which is Heath! Thanks for voting!
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>> The West Desiderata Asylum: Part 1 <<

I played this challenge  back in April, after binge reading challenges whilst iIl over the easter holidays. I had to give the challenge a go, and completed it awhile ago - it's taken me this long to get around to sharing it.

I also wanted to serve it up in blog format, but I couldn't get photobucket to cooperate with me this evening, so you get a slideshare presentation instead. Let me know if there's any problems!

There's a boolprop thread, too, if you're into those.
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So about a year ago, I was enthusiastically hoovering my room, and I knocked a glass of water over my red laptop, pretty much killing it. I lost a lot of stuff on it, important things like my CV (I think Americans say résumé?) and sims stuff, like my Riverside prosperity 'hood. I was pretty gutted about it all.

I got a shiny new laptop about a month later, and tried to pick up Riverside with just the gen 2 sims, which I'd saved to my box account. But it wasn't the same, I didn't have the same attachment, and I lost interest.

But! My rebuilding skills have improved, and a couple of days ago, I decided to put Riverside back together again - properly this time. I ended up really excited about it and stayed up ridiculously late sorting the 'hood out. It's *nearly* ready to play!

So I thought I'd do a post to remind you where we were at with the families. There was one update I didn't get to post before the 'hood was gone, and that was Dylan's last uni trip - he's since joined the regular rotation, so you'll find information on him at the bottom of the post. Each family is presented with their 'before' picture, taken at the end of the last rotation in the old 'hood, and the current picture, from the rebuild 'hood.

I also ended up with an additional member of generation 2, which I'll cover when I get to that family.

So here we are! Riverside rebuilt, in rotation order:
14 pictures, and drama summarised! )
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>> Part 2.8: Kiss Me Quick! <<

My exams are over! *\0/*
So you guys can have an update!

Index / Boolprop

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I started an OWBC in October 2015 after re-reading Fuzzy's Flaming O'Leery, and Gin's Evil Susan's Worst Nightmare, based off an old playstation 2 game I used to own - the Sims Bustin' Out! So I started with Randy Hart, the rainbow haired, free lovin' hippy on the box art, and it went from there, really!

Welcome to the colourful little world of the Hart family!


1.1: One Groovy Guy
1.2: Practise Makes Parents
1.3: Brian, Bees and Business
1.4: Mum! You Ruined My Life!

2.1: Love and Bubbles
2.2: Sparks Fly
Interlude I: Spares, Spares, Spares!
2.3: Operation Wolf Party
2.4: Come Together
2.5: Circles of Life & Death
2.6: Musical Edition
2.7: Tantrums & Tours
2.8: Kiss Me Quick!

3.1: Life Choices

Boolprop Thread
Bonuses & Mini-Challenges:
Base Game:
- Have a gnome guard your flamingos for the duration of the challenge, and don't lose him! - (he's missing!)
- Go a whole generation, from birth to birth, without promotions - DONE, Baby B to Baby L!
- Obtain an alien through a legitimate abduction - DONE, Onyx!

- Every heir must graduate from university - (in progress), Onyx...
- Every heir must be able to perform the xylophone trick - (in progress), Onyx, Strawberry...
- Obtain a zombie - DONE, Onyx!

Bon Voyage:
- There must be a vacation once a generation - (in progress), 1st gen, 2nd gen...
- One member of the bloodline must collect all the vacation mementos - (in progress), Basil
- Obtain a Bigfoot - DONE, Brian!

- One Bad Apple - (in progress), Orchid, Paul...
- Family Scrapbook - (in progress)
- Boolprop Clubhouse - (in progress), Rank 3
- Bug Me Not - (failed)
- Boolprop Naming Scheme - Blossom, Orchid, Onyx...Lennon, Paul, Ringo...

Super Mini-Challenges:
- Monster Mash - DONE, Onyx!
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>> Part 2.1: Tantrums & Tours <<

I've been playing this solidly during my breaks from studying!
The heir poll is closed, and the winner is revealed in the chapter!

You can find an index here, if you need it.

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1 Title Base

>> Part 2.5: Circles of Life & Death <<


>> Part 2.6: Musical Edition <<

Two updates because I wanted to get the heir poll up and running.
Which is here, by the way. Or drop me a comment if you're not on boolprop.

Also, the index.
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>> Part 2.4: Come Together <<

I've had this half-finished for ages, so today I finished it!
I still have another update to finish, so it shouldn't be too long before the next update!

There's an index, if you need it :)
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+53, with stars above I fell in love in an English country garden )
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Hello again!

This will be my last Krauss update, as my university exams have arrived. So I’m handing the reins over to Cowplant, but not until we have this update!

All the previous updates are here.
+51, and it's time for a new player! )
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>> Part 2.3: Operation Wolf Party <<

Bippity Boppity Boo, I've summoned an update for you!
And all of the previous ones are here, if you need them.
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Hi guys! Wow, it’s um, been awhile, hasn’t it?

I’m sorry! Life kept throwing things at me, as it tends to do. But enough excuses, let’s get on with the update, shall we?

You'll find links to all the previous updates here.
+38, and we're going to meet a new generation! )
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Wow, it’s been a little while since I updated. I kind of got addicted to playing TS2 and then life got crazy so I threw this on the back burner. This legacy turned a year old in the time I wasn’t paying attention to it, too.

Last time, Mia and Erica tried to make friends, while Gwen showed off how perfect her life with Elsa is. Gwen went into labour and delivered ANOTHER girl, Marina Rad. Erica grew into a teen, whilst Arrietty and Jairo grew into elders. Marina grew into a child. Gwen headed off to Windenburg to meet up with male!Elsa and get knocked up again. Oh, and Marina got to know the most rebellious-looking kid in the park, Max.

All caught up? If not, have a look at the index!
+40ish pictures, and Erica's stealing the limelight! )
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Well, you guys know me - someone says 'genetic experiments' and suddenly, I'm involved too.

You're probably aware of the Good Genes challenge, too, and that it's time for another round. If not, we're going to make that yellow dude have pretty offspring in 3 generations using only Maxis sims. Simple, right?

Take a look at what I managed to produce!

+11 pictures, and some pretty sims! )
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Hi everyone, hope you're well!

Just letting you know, I'm visiting my family this week, and didn't take my laptop or anything, so I won't be updating any of my challenges, and will be unable to read any of your updates.

It's going to be awesome being home!

Speak to you all again soon!
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>> Part 2.1: Love and Bubbles <<

My weekend was pretty free, so have an update!
You'll find links to all previous chapters here :)


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